Creative Workout: in progress

We’ve had two sessions of the Creative Workout Group and I have to say, so far it’s been hilarious and brilliant and awkward in the best sense. What a brave and beautiful group of people.

  • We’ve felt our own heartbeats, and felt someone else’s heartbeat.
  • We’ve danced like we’re 9 years old and like we’re 90.
  • We’ve made fart noises while making intense eye contact, which never fails to make me laugh until I cry.
  • We’ve come up with alias names and power words.
  • We’ve shared what fascinates us and what frustrates us.
  • We’ve drawn spirals with our eyes closed to see what words and images come to mind when we think of a project.
  • We’ve described a project to someone else using only our eyes.
  • We’ve shared what we thought someone else’s project was (based on what their eyes told us).
  • We’ve come up with catchphrases / mantras / slogans (I don’t like any of these words, can we do a word association exercise to come up with a better one? And don’t suggest ‘branding’) to describe our projects.

There are some pretty incredible projects, and next week people will get to share them using words (not just their eyes). I can’t wait!


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