Who is this for?

I’m pretty excited about the new Creative Workout Group I’ll be leading starting next week (there are still spots if you want to sign up!). As I’ve been talking to people about it, I’ve been getting these questions:

Do you have to be an artist to be in the group?
Do you need to have a project you’re working on?
Who is this for?

So I thought I should spell out who this is for — “this” being the group, and the sessions I am doing with individual clients.

This is for you if you:

  • are going through a transition
  • are feeling lost or stuck or stranded
  • are in the grips of a life crisis (midlife, quarterlife or otherwise)
  • are starting a project (and by ‘project’ I mean anything from writing a book to starting a business to having a child to taking your show on the road – anything big that you want to do)
  • are lost in the middle of a project, or 90% done and roadblocked
  • are trying to decide between 10 potential projects
  • are an artist (current, future, former, struggling, recovering or otherwise)
  • want to be an artist but are scared to say that out loud
  • are a recovering perfectionist
  • have a brilliant idea but don’t know what to  do next
  • can’t get your shit together
  • don’t know how to stop being so hard on yourself
  • are a recovering people pleaser
  • are a student or a teacher
  • are a clown or a philosopher or a doer or a writer
  • are a lover or a fighter
  • are an idealist
  • are a cynic
  • are a realist who secretly loves astrology
  • are a dreamer who secretly hates yoga
  • are a mountain climber
  • are an elephant tamer
  • are a toddler wrangler
  • are a sky watcher
  • are a risk taker

Do you see yourself in that list? Do you feel a thrill when you read it? Then guess what: it’s for you.

If you feel fear in the pit of your stomach and think, I can’t do that, guess what: it’s for you. (And guess what: I feel it too. I’m pretty sure we all do.)

If you rolled your eyes and said OH JESUS CHRIST THIS IS BULLSHIT while reading that list, it’s probably not for you. (Unless that was your internal critic trying to talk you out of being thrilled about it. Then it’s still for you.)

It’s not for you if you genuinely hate the artistic process, by which I mean, anything messy and paradoxical and goofy and tricky that challenges the categories your brain has divided the world into.

And similarly, if you are an active perfectionist – not a recovering one, like most of us are – this might not be for you. If you don’t like messing with your own desire to achieve perfection, you might find this frustrating. Because I’m pretty sure you won’t emerge more perfect. (But with any luck you’ll emerge on better terms with yourself exactly as you are. So if that sounds good, awesome, this is for you.)

What you will find here is a caring, accepting environment where you can stretch and grow, with other people who are doing the same thing. Growing is hard work. But if that is what you want to do, then let’s get started.


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