About Me

My name is Faith Helma, and I’m a creative guide, coach, performance artist and teacher.


I have 20 years experience leading groups, teaching creative exercises and training artists to work through fear and inhabit their bodies with confidence. I was a co-founder of Portland’s “innovative, process-driven” Hand2Mouth Theatre. I created multimedia, genre-bending shows with them — writing music, touring shows, teaching workshops in how to move, sing and create original performance from the ground up.

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Five years ago I went through my own radical transformation after burning out on theater, becoming a mother, hitting several walls, experiencing sea changereinventing myself and my dreams and doing things I never thought I could do. I came out of that transition wanting to work creatively with people in a different way, to work with them directly instead of through the lens of performance, to use creative exercises to help them access their own creative power and change their own worlds.


One of my favorite tools: draw a 2-minute self portrait

So that’s what I do! I offer coaching, lead workshops, make solo performances and share my own creative journey as an artist/mother/entrepreneur/human along the way.


Helma, in her light electric blue sateen jumpsuit, makes solemn transitions from curious, to lost, quixotic, despairing, raging, tender, intellectual; all framed by the important idea that the quest, no matter how small or unknown, is at the heart of the living experience.” – Christa Morletti McIntyre, Oregon Arts Watch