Do You Believe in Magic

A solo performance
created and performed by Faith Helma

Think Samuel Beckett meets Mr. Rogers meets Dear Sugar.

– Portland Mercury

This experiment picks up where Helma’s last “weirdly cathartic” solo performance (I Hate Positive Thinking) left off: diving deep into the question of whether magic is real and if so, can we make it happen onstage. Not hokey parlor tricks magic. Real, witchy, hair-raising magic.

Helma leads a series of performance experiments, rituals and spells to channel the power of our emotions and create a new world order, using a makeshift altar, a magic carpet, a microphone and a DigiTech JamMan looping pedal.

First showings: Fertile Ground Festival @ ShantiOm Yoga, January 2017

I HATE POSITIVE THINKING: a manifesto against self-fascism

FURY Factory Festival (San Francisco), June 2016
SXSW Interactive (Austin, TX), March 2016
Fertile Ground Festival (Portland), January 2016
Risk/Reward Festival (Portland), July 2015
NW New Works (Seattle), June 2015

“I HATE POSITIVE THINKING combined all the best elements of performance art, stand-up, and improv into one completely absurd, disarmingly poignant meditation.” – The Portland Mercury

Undine: a fairy tale song cycle

Theatre Off Jackson (Seattle), January 2010
Ontological Incubator (NYC), August 2009
CounterPulse (San Francisco), June 2009
Conduit Dance (Portland), February 2009

“An irresistible seduction of flesh, electronica, song, and violence… truly a remarkable, viscerally nightmarish journey.” – Followspot