I offer personal, one-on-one creative workouts to help you work through life challenges, sticky spots, lost sparks and rough transitions.

What is a creative workout?

It’s a guided session in which we use drawing, freewriting, dancing, singing and wild card combinations to work through what is blocking you and get you moving towards change and resolution. I gently lead you through the creative modes that call to you, and together we find an answer.


What kinds of things do people work on?

Here are some examples:

  • feeling hope when overwhelmed with the world
  • finding work/life balance
  • tackling a big ambitious project
  • transitioning from full time work to freelancing
  • stepping back into a professional career after a break
  • planning a wedding
  • standing up for myself
  • setting boundaries in my friend group
  • being the only woman in a male-dominated office
  • making space for my own creative stuff in a crowded family

Curious? Schedule a free creative workout to see what it’s like:



+ 3 Creative Workouts … three 1:1 creative workout sessions ($210)
+ 6 Creative Workouts … six 1:1 creative workout sessions ($414)
+ 3-Month Workout … three months of weekly 1:1 creative workouts ($720)

If you are interested in booking creative workout sessions, fill out this form and I will be in touch… or schedule a free 1:1 session to see how this kind of work resonates with you.


Customized Creative Workouts for small groups and teams are also available (contact me for a quote)