I am willing to bet that you are here because you are feeling a creative urge, and you want to water it so it grows into a mighty sunflower. Welcome, my friend. You are already mighty. Your eyes are open to your own creative possibilities, and you are hungry for change. And that is a huge, brave step.

If you would like some one-on-one support in tending to that urge and transforming your life into a thriving, living ecosystem of possibility (I’m going all in on this garden metaphor), I would love to help. I am passionate about using creative tools to bring more magic and joy and fun into your life. Even when the world seems like it’s falling down. (Especially when the world seems like it’s falling down).

Here’s how 1:1 sessions with me work: we meet for an hour, either in person (if you’re in Portland) or over Skype. We get still, we get deep, we get real, we get on our feet. We use simple creative exercises, like drawing and making up stories and dancing around the room — things we all did when we were three years old — to focus on what you want in your life, right now, and how to draw it closer to you.

Usually I charge $75/hour for 1:1 sessions, but this spring I am offering them on a sliding scale. That means you pay what feels right to you, whether it’s $10 or $100.

If you’d like some coaching, go here:

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I’m doing this because I want to meet with a whole bunch of people between now and June (when I’ll be going on maternity leave for the summer) and I want to feel like I am doing everything I can to counter the forces in the world that want to shut down creativity and wellbeing and inclusiveness.

(You can also sign up for my Creative Magic Workout program, which starts April 3rd).

“The work Faith is doing is a meta-creative goldmine and a non-negotiable step for the serious artist. In one short hour together we broke down multiple roadblocks to my creative process I didn’t even know existed. After the session I went home and filled several pages with over a dozen fantastic ideas for new projects. I am hooked.” – John B.

And until then, to encourage you and make you laugh, here I am dancing as badly as possible to an orchestral arrangement of Dueling Banjos: