Hello there, brave adventurer.

Do you have big dreams but you’re afraid to say them out loud? Are you feeling frustrated and unsatisfied but you’re not sure why? You know you can do great things, but something needs to change?

I have a message for you: YOU CAN DO THIS. Even if you’re not sure what it is yet. Even if it seems impossible. Even if you don’t feel powerful.

You don’t have to be perfect to be powerful. In fact, the desire for perfection — for excellence, for efficiency, for spotless surfaces — is often the very thing that keeps us detached from our power.

I can help you shake off that constricting force and step into your power. I’m not saying it’s easy. I struggle with it every day. But it’s a muscle you can build, and if you’d like someone to coach you, to help you achieve greatness in all your imperfect, half-assed, unready glory: that is what I love to do.

I use creative action — writing, dancing, drawing, brainstorming, imagining — to get you in touch with your strength,  connected with your body, alive with your mind and spirit and moving towards what you want.

Does this resonate? Does it send a thrill up your spine? Does it spark something inside you that says YES?

Sign up for an introductory Navigation Session. I offer this to anyone who wants support as they embark on the journey to speaking their truth. You can do this. 

heatherI went to go see Faith to work on being willing to take more risks. 

There are three other things that stand out about working with Faith:

First of all, she has great presence and an ability to really listen. You can feel her taking in everything you’re saying, and listening with depth. That’s rare.

Second, she’s as serious as she is playful. She brings a sensitivity and depth of knowledge about how inner critics can get in the way of success. I like how she sees the gifts of the critics, rather than trying to shun them. My inner critics felt welcomed!🙂

Third, she asks questions and has creative exercises which really get to the heart of the issue.
That’s a gift that keeps on giving. And, I’m so grateful to Faith for the gift of her coaching!  

— Heather S., Portland, Oregon