Hey y’all. I’m Coach Faith Ra, aka Faith Helma. I’m a creative guide, artist, trickster, facilitator and coach.

I’m not into toxic positivity, self-fascism, beating up on yourself or forcing yourself to do anything. (I literally made a one woman show five years ago called I Hate Positive Thinking). 

I AM into deep inner work, creative magic, deep self care and learning how to rest and play. Rest, play, creative work and action are more possible and effective when we set limits, put up good boundaries, learn how to say no and yes and listen to our inner selves.

If you want to create with me and make space for your own inner Creator — for fun, for healing, for insight, for transformation, for no reason — I’ve got 27 free coaching spots available this summer (check out the Creator Project, or go here to schedule a session now).

You can also join my patreon community at Coach Faith Ra’s Playhouse, sign up for my email list, or find me on instagram doing impromptu summer rituals, I Can’t dances and 2-minute self-portraits.

This is an emotional magical space for change. This is a space for owning our creative power. This is a space for building culture, questioning reality and sharing our visions.

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