“Think Samuel Beckett meets Mr. Rogers meets Dear Sugar”
– Portland Mercury

I’m Faith Helma. I help wild hearts, weirdos and wanderers like you and me open up to our full creative power.


Whether you are burned out, don’t know where to start, lost in the woods or need to shake up your life: I cut through the fog and help you jump start your own creative magic.

I do this mostly through the Creative Magic Workout, a 6-week guided journey to find out what you want, dissolve obstacles that stand in the way and emerge the hero of your own epic quest, ready to take on anything. (The next round starts in October 2017, and registration opens September 12).

If you want to hear more about this and other weird things I offer, sign up for my email list. (As a gift, you’ll receive a video on using what if spells to dissolve obstacles standing between you and what you want).

And if you’re curious about where the hell I come from, I’m a creative guide and coach. My background is in ensemble-created, process-focused, multidisciplinary theater, I’m schooled in the art of empathy, group dynamics and world building, and I have decided to turn my powers towards awakening the creative urge in all human beings (or at least some of them).

If you are one of them — if you’re someone who wants to feed that creative urge, if you feel it deep down somewhere coming to life and you want to water it so it can grow into a mighty sunflower – welcome. You are already mighty. Your eyes are open to your own creative possibilities, and you are hungry for change. And that is a huge, brave step.

As the great Don Williams says: I believe in love, I believe in music, I believe in magic, and I believe in you.


(Whatever it is).