“Think Samuel Beckett meets Mr. Rogers meets Dear Sugar”
– Portland Mercury

Do you want to reconnect with your wild & creative nature? Are you filled with longing to DO SOMETHING BIG? Are you restless with your life but don’t know how to change it? Do you get stuck in cycles of mean self-talk, self-sabotage and self-pity?

I’ve been there, sister! And I can help you work through it, using a vital resource that is yours to claim: your powerful creative spirit.

There is energy there and you can use it, even if you feel tired, even if you feel lost, even if you haven’t felt the flame in a long time.

I help wild women, weirdos and wanderers get back in touch with their creative side, and use it to enact change. Your creative power can take many forms of expression, but the result is, you wake up in the morning excited about life, ready to learn and stretch and grow. The flame is there — and with some creative work, you can bring it roaring back to life.

Whether you are a creative powerhouse, have never been a ‘creative type’ or haven’t felt the spark in a long long time: you are welcome here. Read some manifestoes, watch some videos, try out some magic spells. Schedule a free session with me if you want to test the waters.

As the great Don Williams says: I believe in love, I believe in music, I believe in magic, and I believe in you.