TRY THIS: project braindoodling

During this week’s creative workout group, I did an exercise where everyone wrote the name of a project on the top of a piece of paper, then closed their eyes and drew spirals and wrote any random words or phrases that came into their brains. Then they wrote a description of the project with that in mind.

While they were dreaming and doodling, I did the exercise for myself! Here’s what I came up with:



And when I deciphered what I had scribbled and took it further, I had this:

 Developing my creative guide practice 


Search → Re-search

Go home / go deep / go wide and far 


Ask questions 

NO GOALS → all business is my business I BELIEVE IN ALL OF IT

Be brave
Find beasts
Get wilder

It looks better with crayons:


Try it yourself, see what comes to you! Maybe your braindream isn’t as wacked out as mine is, or maybe it’s waaaaaay further out there… only your brain can tell.


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