A free webinar to liberate you from your mean old critical thoughts | Monday April 30, 2pm PST

Watch the recording of this live webinar:

And I was so inspired after the webinar, I did a little follow up video, singing and dancing with two of my troll turnarounds, to the song You Don’t Own Me. Fair warning, the song comes in LOUD at 3:47, so if you want to skip that and karaoke it yourself, find the youtube karaoke track and rejoin me at 6:26 in the video.

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Trolls = those looping critical thoughts that derail, stall, block and haunt you.

When you’re stuck behind a train in traffic and you can’t stop beating yourself up for having not given yourself enough time? That’s a troll.

I know, I know… it’s actually just a thought in your head. But something about the way it sneaks up so fast and holds on for dear life reminds me of the way trolls in fairy tales jump out from under bridges and refuse to let the hero cross.

You don’t have to give in to that troll! You can charm them, defuse them, neutralize them so they don’t have the power to block your path.

You can interrupt the cycle and create new patterns and run free.


I share what I know about trolls and how to transform them into allies, champions and harmless beasts. I demonstrate how to turn around seemingly intractable trollish thoughts, using real examples. We do some live troll charming!

Who is leading this?

I am Faith Helma and I will be leading this webinar. As a theatre veteran, I’ve been schooled in the art of empathy and world building. I have over 15 years of experience working with groups, leading creative expeditions and wrestling with critical thoughts. I know how to build trust amongst strangers, make space for vulnerability and strength, and plan for the unexpected. And I know how to sweet talk trolls like nobody’s business. (If you’re interested in other programs I lead, check out the Creative Magic Workout!)