Creative Magic Workouts

A guided online course in self / life / hero transformation

*** This course is currently on hiatus *** 

The Creative Magic Workout is an online group course dedicated to awakening your creative power. Join a band of brave seekers as we make space and time for our creative expression, and feel the energy and capability and possibility spring forth from within.

What can happen in your life when you’re unblocked and unstuck? What can happen when you feel confident, curious and full of energy? All kinds of things: you can write the book you’ve been meaning to write. You can plan the wedding that’s been filling you with anxiety. You can make the show you’ve been dreaming about for years. You can make new friends. You can stand up to your boss. You can become your own boss.


We make time and space for magic to appear, we practice getting into the zone, we let ourselves feel the power of wanting what we most deeply want and letting it draw near.


Trolls = the inner voices seeking to shut us down, criticize, shame or diminish. Champions = the voices that encourage, embolden and lift us up. We encounter both on our hero’s journey – we learn how to work with them not against them.


Instead of hiding away in a magical world of our imagination, we head out into the world using our powerful imagination as an engine, a catalyst and a life raft. We find power objects and we dress for magic.


We use our abilities as storytellers to change the past and the future, to court the impossible, to relish what we cannot do and question what we can do.

Each month you receive weekly prompts and exercises, participate in two live calls led by Faith Helma, complete creative challenges and check in with other participants in our private facebook group.

Four months of solidarity, momentum and playful, powerful creative energy all around you.

Are you ready? Let’s do this.

When you practice acting like you’re powerful, you start to feel powerful. When you practice questioning your thoughts, your thoughts change. When your thoughts change, the world around you changes. When the world around you changes, you realize how powerful you really are.

This is not the same as positive thinking (which I am not a fan of). This is not pretending that bad things don’t happen or that you can grit your teeth and ignore pain and it will go away.

This is using your innate human ability to IMAGINE as a vehicle for growth. This is using your creative brain to envision and embody and enact change. 

Change is a creative act. It is a radical, transgressive act. It’s a kind of magic and we are here to WORK. IT. OUT.



Thank you for a phenomenal creative and energetic experience!

“This course awakened my inner creative spirit! In many of the exercises, I discovered fun and playful ways to invite creativity and inspiration into my days.  With each exercise, I saw how I could incorporate creativity as a co-conspirator in my life!”

“Faith incorporates creativity as a vehicle for personal growth.”

Who is leading this?

I am Faith Helma and I am the creator of the Creative Magic Workout. As a theatre veteran, I’ve studied the art of empathy and world building and group dynamics for 20 years. I was a core member of Hand2Mouth, a theater/performance collective, for over a decade, co-creating and performing in 17 shows (including two solo shows), touring work internationally and leading voice and body training. Since experiencing the radical change of motherhood in 2013, I’ve shifted my focus to coaching and creating environments where people can express and practice and create the lives they want to live together.