Creative Magic Workouts

A guided quest in self / life / hero transformation 


The Creative Magic Workout is a 6-week course dedicated to awakening your sleeping creativity. Join a band of brave seekers as we exress ourselves and bring our wild and precious visions to life. You’ve got the power. Let’s practice finding it, feeling it and using it.

  • Week 1: VISIONS  //  make time and space for what we want to appear
  • Week 2: TROLLS  //  who are the voices keeping us down
  • Week 3: CHAMPIONS  //  who are the allies lifting us up
  • Week 4: BRAGS  //  practice feeling our power
  • Week 5: SIGNS  //  evidence, altars and magical talismans
  • Week 6: THE WORLD  //  move as if the world supports us

Each week you receive exercises led by me, and participate in live webinar creative workouts with other creative seekers.



(closes May 15!)



There are 3 scholarships available. Contact me to find out more.

What will happen to you as a result? 

You will create things.

You will dissolve blocks.

You will connect with champions.

You will connect with yourself.

You will take the sting out of your critics.

You will take the piss out of your fears.

You will feel your power.

You will believe in yourself. You will feel confidence and enthusiasm and joy bubbling up from within.

A lot of people think confidence is a magical gift, god-given: you either have it or you don’t. But you can develop it. You can grow it yourself. You can find it.

It takes practice.

When you practice acting like you’re powerful, you start to feel powerful. When you practice questioning your thoughts, your thoughts change. When your thoughts change, the world around you changes. When the world around you changes, you realize how powerful you really are.

This is not the same as positive thinking (which I am not a fan of). This is not pretending that bad things don’t happen or that you can grit your teeth and ignore pain and it will go away.

This is using your innate human ability to IMAGINE as a vehicle for growth. This is using your creative brain to envision and embody change. When we practice changing, we invite it in.

I can’t create transformation for you. I don’t even know if YOU can create it for you. Change can be scary as hell and as easy as opening your eyes. We can’t MAKE change happen. But we can practice. We can pretend. We can play.

Change is a creative act. It is a radical, transgressive act. It’s a kind of magic and we are going to work it out.



Thank you for a phenomenal creative and energetic experience!

“This course awakened my inner creative spirit! In many of the exercises, I discovered fun and playful ways to invite creativity and inspiration into my days.  With each exercise, I saw how I could incorporate creativity as a co-conspirator in my life!”

“Faith incorporates creativity as a vehicle for personal growth.”

“Coach Helma has an amazing gift for balancing firm and gentle facilitation and creating workshops that are both wildly funny and sincere.” 

Who is leading this?

I am Faith Helma and I am the creator of this course. As a theatre veteran, I’ve been schooled in the art of empathy and world building. I have over 15 years of experience working with groups and leading creative expeditions. I know how to build trust amongst strangers, make space for vulnerability and strength, and plan for the unexpected.

Get a sense of my teaching / coaching / creative style: