What I Do (thoughts in progress)

Not life coaching

Life dreaming? Yes

Connecting with body & deeper self? Yes

Realigning your actions with your ‘essential’ self? Yes

Figuring out what you love and how to do it? Yes

Figuring out your truth, your vision for the future

Not planning

Not meticulous detail

Not step by step analysis

Not career planning

Yes inspiring

Yes instigating

Yes a dreamer, a seer, a guide

I help you find the secret spots the eye can’t spot, help you guide your own canoe through dark deep rough waters

A tracker

Fortune teller

Teller, seer, singer, foreteller

Visor, vizer, advisor

Sybil (not Cassandra) — not doom and gloom! not prophet not psychic — no promises, no guarantees not guru not auctioneer

I’m not selling anything

Palm reader

Tarot reader

Tea leaf reader


Soothsayer = person who speaks the truth

Prognosticator, Diviner, Crystal gazer

Focuser — someone / something to help you focus your thoughts

Connector, coach, trainer, expander


One thought on “What I Do (thoughts in progress)

  1. Hi Faith – I love what you are doing! We need to get together. Jack and I hang out frequently. do you and Waylon want to hang out with us sometime? Love


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