Yeah Creator!

A drawing of someone dancing in moonlight with a wolf howling behind her, and behind that a drawing of someone saying hello

I’m so glad you’ve signed up for a Creator Session with me. I want to applaud your courage in stepping into the unknown, showing up for yourself and opening up about your dreams. That is a brave thing to do. I take your commitment seriously, and I’m honored to spend time co-creating with you.

Here is the zoom link for our session:

Meeting ID: 928 420 8007

Passcode: kvHA76

Please bring paper and something to write with to our session. If you have crayons or markers, those are fun too. If you are able to close the door and be in a private space, that is ideal. If you aren’t able to do that and want to bring your kids or roommates or pets into the practice, we can work with that.

If you’d like to get a sense of how I work and what I mean by creative magic, here is a secret link to my free 5-day video series, Shake It Up, where I invite you to draw, dance, dance, go on an imagination walk, charm your trolls and turn your shower into a holy temple.

You can also find my Playhouse on Patreon if you’d like to join our community and get weekly creative prompts and off the cuff magic spells.

Coach Faith Ra giving you the thumbs up