Welcome to the Summer of Creative Magic!


YES! I am honored to join you in this summer adventure! I will be in touch with details and logistics, but here are some things to start thinking about now:

If you have signed up for the full-immersion Summer of Creative Magic, you and I will be meeting six times between June 3 – August 27. If we haven’t gotten these scheduled yet, I’ll be in touch to finalize the schedule with you soon. 

If you have signed up for the online Creative Magic Workout course, you will be receiving six video units between June 7-Aug 27. (I’ll be sending out the exact schedule soon).

For everyone:

Scheduling logistics are below. Right now, there is one question for you to start thinking about, and it is:

What project will you be working on over the summer?

I can’t wait to find out! If it doesn’t have a title or a name already, giving it one is your first assignment. (And if you can’t think of one, you can always call it your Untitled Summer Project).

Scheduling Logistics / When Where What

Creative Magic Workout: 6 VIDEO UNITS

1: Visions + Names + Projects [June 7] — we give name to our visions and goals

2: Trolls [June 21] — we charm the critical thoughts that try and stop us

3: Champions [July 1] — we summon encouragers to our aid

4: Brags [July 19] — we say our hero story out loud and share our quests

5: Material World [Aug 1] –– we anchor our spirits with objects + altars + talismans

6: Beloved Community [Aug 14] — we create the world we want to live in

Group Coaching Calls
  • All times PST 
  • Calls take place via zoom — a link will be sent out the morning of each meeting
  • All calls will be recorded and sent out to the group later in the day

1. Group call: introduce ourselves + projects: Mon June 10, 1pm

2. Group work / feedback share: Wed June 19, 1pm

3. Group call: trolls and champions! Mon July 1, 1pm

4. Group work / feedback share: Tues July 16, 1pm

5. Group call: practice bragging: Thu Aug 1, 1pm

6. Community potluck + progress demonstration + dance party: Sun Aug 24, 5-7pm