Spring Creative Workout Sessions

I offer personal creative workout sessions to help you work through big life changes on your feet. These are customized sessions for individuals and small groups in which I lead you through creative exercises that are designed to fit your needs, your interests and your creative style.

This spring, I am offering a free 1:1 Creative Workout Session to anyone who is interested in learning what creative work can do for your life – what kind of confidence it can nurture, what kind of mental blocks it can dissolve, what kind of emotion it can release.

We meet at my Art Lodge in Portland or via Skype or FaceTime for those of you who are further afield.


This is the Art Lodge!

Interested? Schedule a free Spring Session now!



Want to see me demonstrating what it looks like to do personal creative work? Even though my inner troll is saying WHAT ARE YOU DOING, HIDE HIDE HIDE I have calmed her by quietly singing Let The Sun Shine In and I am now going to share a video of me dancing with a question as if I had all the confidence in the world:

Ready to go deeper into creative workouts? Check out my 1:1 coaching programs or the Creative Magic Workout.