Workshops & Performances


I lead workshops for teams, organizations, collectives, corporations, campaigns, monarchies, democracies and any other word you can think of for a group of people. I lead you on a journey into alter egos, arch-villains, alternate worlds, embracing failure, bragging about mistakes and empathizing with monsters.

I am leading a workshop at SXSW Interactive 2016: Creative Living in an Alternate World


I HATE POSITIVE THINKING (a solo performance)

A 60 minute performance / manifesto against the the tyranny of self-fascism and the paradox of using your imagination to create the world you want to live in.


Fertile Ground Festival (Portland), Jan 22 – Feb 7, 2016
Risk/Reward Festival (Portland), July 2015
NW New Works (Seattle), June 2015

I speak to you directly about the failure revolution:

A failure dance from June 2015:

“Helma prances around the stage with flailing arms and legs, sorely out of time with the music. Far from demonstrating her failure as a performance artist, however, Helma… reveals an original and compelling talent, no doubt her intended effect.” – Seattle Times

“…a storytelling tour de force that leads the audience in gently and lets viewers decide if they want to love it completely (for me, the answer was yes).” – The Oregonian

“’I HATE POSITIVE THINKING’ combined all the best elements of performance art, stand-up, and improv into one completely absurd, disarmingly poignant meditation on everything that’s wrong with the load of bunk propagated by books like The Secret.” – The Portland Mercury