Creative Team Building

Are you a leader looking to bring your team together?

I lead workshops for companies, organizations, collectives and small businesses, using creative exercises to help your team:

  • Open up and trust each other
  • Embrace failure and take more risks
  • Stand up for each other
  • Open up the lines of communication

Why is this a good idea?

Because once a team has learned to trust each other, they aren’t afraid to fail. Once they aren’t afraid to fail, they are free to try new things, take big risks and ask real questions. When something goes wrong, they talk about it. When someone has a brilliant idea, they share it. If someone has an idea that would improve on that idea, they don’t hesitate to add their voice to the mix.

I’ve worked with groups in Portland, Seattle and most recently, at SXSW Interactive in Austin.

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Interested in bringing me in to work with your team? Fill out this form and I’ll get in touch to discuss what you need and what I can offer: