People Project 2020

Welcome to the People Project 2020, where I give 1 hour of creative coaching to 20 people who want to change the world.


This is my big vision: To create a culture where we are all actively using our full creative powers to build a joyful, secure, connected world.

The problem is, we live in a world right now that is polarized, fearful, isolated and scattered. How do we change that world? It feels overwhelming in scale, doesn’t it? So many areas that need attention, so many impossible obstacles. 

I believe we do that first by making change in our own lives. First, we build up our ability to step up to what the world needs. I believe what the world needs most is our full creative selves. The world needs us showing up, trying new things, expressing ideas for change, organizing our efforts.

I know how hard it is to do that, especially when you’re juggling multiple jobs or kids or projects or any of the impossible obstacles we face in our daily lives.

The good news is it only takes a little effort to make time and space for creative expression in your life, and to let it work its magic on you.

The ability to slow down, to listen to your inner voice and to follow its guidance is something you can practice. When you draw, dance, write and sing, you connect to yourself, and to the world around you. What you practice grows stronger, and when you have strong creative muscles, you build a strong connection to your inner voice, a clear channel to its guidance.

I can help you make time for this, help you plant those seeds of WHAT YOU WANT and tend to them so they grow into a healthy, thriving ecosystem.


I use creative exercises I’ve developed over 20 years as a theater artist, coach and facilitator, and that I continue to develop with my clients and colleagues and teachers (and with my kids, who inspire some of my favorite ideas). 


If you’ve been saying to yourself…

I don’t even know what I want

I have no sense of purpose

I’m pulled in too many directions

I’m not moving forward

I spend my time on little things not on my big dreams

… sign up for an hour of free creative coaching. Let’s see what we can turn around.

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