I offer personal, one-on-one creative workouts to help you connect to your creativity and use it to work through life challenges, from horrible bosses to the mess of motherhood to that project you deeply want to start.

What is a creative workout?

It’s a guided session in which we use drawing, writing, dancing, singing and brainstorming to work through big questions, obstacles and problems.

We work creatively with the question. I guide you into the mental/emotional space to approach your questions the way you would if you were five years old: by playing, pretending and practicing.

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Creative work gets you moving, gets you out of your head and into your body. It opens up  your imagination. It’s also tangible and practical. We’re aiming the powers of the imagination at the areas in your life where you’re stuck, hurt, confused and overwhelmed. We play, pretend and practice so you can heal yourself, get clear, get calm and get free.

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What kinds of things do people work on?

  • tackling a big project
  • finding a new career
  • planning a wedding
  • balancing work and family
  • dismantling internalized misogyny
  • finding your footing as a mother
  • setting boundaries with your family


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+ Weekly Creative Workouts … 4 sessions/month ($300/month)

+ Biweely Creative Workouts … 2 sessions / month ($150/month)

+ Monthly Creative Workouts … 1 session / month ($75)

… Customized Creative Workouts for small groups & teams are available

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