I offer personal, one-on-one creative workouts to help you connect to your creativity and use it to work through life challenges, from horrible bosses to the mess of motherhood to that big project you are scared to say out loud.

What is a creative workout?

It’s a guided session in which we use drawing, writing, dancing, singing and big active questions to work through what you want, what’s standing in your way and what you need to make change happen.

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It’s so easy to get stuck — creative work gets you moving, gets you out of your head and into your dreaming body. In this space we transform inner trolls, summon champions, reframe the metaphors that are guiding your thoughts and practice feeling our power.

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I gently lead you through the creative modes that call to you, and together we find answers, solutions and resolution.

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What kinds of things do people work on?

  • tackling a big ambitious project
  • rediscovering your artistic side
  • making the leap to freelancing
  • finding your professional voice after being out of the loop
  • planning a wedding
  • standing up for yourself
  • setting boundaries in your friend group
  • leading as a woman in a male-dominated office
  • making space for your needs in a crowded family


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+ Weekly Creative Workouts … 4 sessions/month for 1-6 months ($300/month)

+ 1 Creative Workout Session … one solo session ($75)

… Customized Creative Workouts for small groups & teams are available

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