6-Week Dream Builder Program

Direct coaching to build your dream over six weeks of creative action.

Your dream =

  • a question you’re searching for the answer to
  • a project you want to make happen
  • a passion you want to rekindle
  • a wish you want to bring to life

Creative action =

  • mapping, sketching, drawing and visualizing
  • brainstorming, freewriting and creating power mantras
  • dancing, moving and getting on your feet to try things out
  • devising experiments you can try at home
  • setting deadlines and building frames that make it easy to work within
  • saying what you want out loud and acknowledging the fears that arise
  • bragging about your triumphs and failures

We meet once a week for six weeks (timing is negotiable, if you’d like to meet more or less often) and light up your imagination to make what you want come to life and what you fear  shrink back down to size.

In other words, we turn your dream into a project. You are the lead artist on that project, and I am your trusty coach and creative guide.


 Cost: $397

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