People Project

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I am offering another “People Project”, where I give free deep coaching to people who fascinate, inspire and spark curiosity in me.

This is part of my big vision: To create a culture where we are all expressing ourselves creatively, and using these abilities to reach out, grow, strengthen and help each other.

I use magical creative exercises I’ve developed over 15 years as a theater artist, coach and facilitator to help people make life changes, open up to their creativity, summon confidence and banish fear. 

I first got the idea for this kind of project from life coach Andrea Leda, and I love how she describes it as “my fiercest gift to my fellow change agents, visionaries, and possibilitarians.”

I am offering this to the big dreamers, the unreformed weirdos, the seekers, the misfits, the pioneers and the helpers. I particularly would like to talk to people who…

… are frustrated, fed up, overwhelmed and stressed out

… want to feel more confident and comfortable in their skin

… have gone through a big life change and don’t know who they are anymore

… are deeply longing to sing or draw or dance or write but don’t know how to start

We will use creative exercises, rituals and magic spells to visualize change, express big feelings, shift the energy and solve a problem or two.

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(These are online sessions, though I also have limited capacity to meet in person for those of you in Portland.)