A free webinar in how to talk about your life with confidence and poetry and swagger

Monday October 1, 11am PST

*** CANCELED — stay tuned for reschedule information! ***

DYNAMIC BRAG is a free webinar in how to share the hero journey of your life in poetic confident epic terms, no matter where you are.

If the idea of bragging fills you with terror and dread and nausea, you are not alone. Let me assure you, this will not be a webinar in how to be a jerk and bore people at parties.

This is about owning your story, standing in your space and claiming your time. Bragging can be a bridge between you and the humans around you. It can be a game, a challenge, a form of self care, a form of community care. We can tell the stories of our lives with a questing spirit — a spirit of generosity and humor and curiosity. You can do this.

As with everything creative: it’s a practice. So let’s practice! Bring your questions, your doubts, your inner critics — we’ll work through them together.

Who is leading this?


I am Faith Helma and I will be leading this webinar. I have over 15 years of experience working with groups, leading creative expeditions, wrestling with critical thoughts and making bold choices. As a theatre veteran, I’ve been schooled in the art of empathy and world building. I know how to build trust amongst strangers, make space for vulnerability and strength, and plan for the unexpected. I see opportunities for creative projects everywhere and I feel strongly that every human being is capable of creative expression. I want to unlock this possibility for as many people as I can. (If you’re interested in other programs I lead, check out the Creative Magic Workout!)