Creative Magicians

(12 weeks of activating your inner artist / writer / dancer / changemaker)

> Next round starts in May 2021 <

Do you have a project you’ve been trying to start for ten years? Notebooks half full of ideas then abandoned? Have you always wanted to learn how to dance? Did you doodle intricate patterns in the margins of your schoolwork as a kid? Did you climb trees and sit up there for hours?

Do you want to start that project and do it for real? Do you want to fill that notebook to the brim, and then another, and another? Do you want to bring those drawings out of the margins and into the heart of your life? Do you want to reclaim that wildness and make space for your magical mystical inner voice to ring out, supported by cowbells and tambourines and singing cats and backup dancers?

(Am I getting a little carried away? Very well)

This is my care bear which I unironically own as a 43-year-old woman, holding a sign that says “Creative Magicians”

Welcome to Creative Magicians, a place for creatively working out your dreams, fears, visions and desires. Start with an intention, a project, a wish, a want. Through guided creative time with a small group of dedicated seekers, you will move through your questions, draw with them, write with them, dance with them, and along the way you’ll get pulled deep into your own creative practice.

This cohort is for people who want to get creative, and work through… 

  • Projects 
  • Creative blocks
  • Deep fears & resistance
  • Old stories, memories and patterns
  • Planting seeds of new ideas


After 12 weeks, you will have…

  • An active creative practice
  • A body of work, and a visual record of your self-inquiry
  • A working understanding of your inner trolls, and how to work with them so they don’t run the show
  • A connection to the champions, mentors and teachers (real or imagined) who are rooting for you
  • A community of creative people

What this is NOT

  • This is not positive thinking, spiritual bypassing, self-improvement, self-fascism or anything like The Secret 
  • This is not shaming you for not being creative enough, or disciplined enough, or good enough
  • This is not telling you there is one right way to do anything, especially anything creative
  • This is not “magical thinking” in the sense of closing your eyes and wishing something were true
  • This is not adding a lot of extra challenges and hard things you have to do each week


This is a magical, safe, creative space for asking questions, untangling blocks and trying things out.

This is for building creative muscles, flexing your power and letting yourself fail.

This is where you can practice believing you are a remarkable artist and human.

This is a space where you can dance like a giraffe and sing like a chicken and get celebrated for it.

This is for reconnecting to the natural desire to create, play and make things up that we all had as kids.

This is a place to laugh in relief and recognition, to let go of stress and let yourself be cared for.

Schedule + Syllabus

  • Feb 8 – April 30
  • Creative prompts / lessons every week
  • Zoom call every other week on Wednesdays, 3-4:30pm PST (times may vary)
  • Access to private Discord server to text, post work and share progress with each other
  • Feb 8: Make it easy to practice
  • Feb 15: Practice in the dark

Wed Feb 17 // ZOOM CALL // introduce our selves

  • Feb 22: Practice with trolls
  • March 1: Practice failure

Wed March 3 // ZOOM CALL // troll & failure dance

  • March 8: Practice excellence
  • March 15: Practice with boundaries

Wed March 17 // ZOOM CALL // yes no and boundaries

  • March 22:  Practice with objects
  • March 29: Practice with metaphors

Wed March 31 // ZOOM CALL // objects & metaphors

  • April 5: Practice with your past / future 
  • April 12: Practice with champions, heroes, deities

Wed April 14 // ZOOM CALL // past and future champions

  • April 19: Practice with magic and spells
  • April 26: Practice out loud in the world with others


Ready to register?

Sign up at Coach Faith Ra’s Patreon at either the Creative Magician level ($49/month) or the Empresaria level ($119/month, includes one 1:1 session with Faith each month). The cohort will begin February 8; first zoom call will be Wed Feb 17.


This group is led by me, Coach Faith Ra (aka Faith Helma), artist, coach and creative guide. Read more about my work here and here, or check out my Patreon Playhouse.

Here are some articles I’ve written that cover topics we’ll cover in the cohort:

Helma, in her light electric blue sateen jumpsuit, makes solemn transitions from curious, to lost, quixotic, despairing, raging, tender, intellectual; all framed by the important idea that the quest, no matter how small or unknown, is at the heart of the living experience.” – Christa Morletti McIntyre, Oregon Arts Watch