Creative Magic Workout: Welcome!

Thank you for joining our band of creative adventurers! We will begin May 28, but I will be in touch earlier to prime us for leaping into the fray.

Reminder: weekly lessons will arrive on Monday, and groucalls will be on Wednesdays (I will be sending out a full schedule once we’ve got everyone registered).

Keep an eye out for an invitation from me to join our private facebook group.

Until then, please enjoy Mr. Rogers learning how to breakdance:


  • Week 1: VISIONS  //  make time and space for what we want to appear
  • Week 2: TROLLS  //  who are the voices keeping us down
  • Week 3: CHAMPIONS  //  who are the allies lifting us up
  • Week 4: BRAGS  //  practice feeling our power
  • Week 5: SIGNS  //  evidence, altars and magical talismans
  • Week 6: THE WORLD  //  move as if the world supports us

Each week you receive exercises led by me, and participate in live webinar creative workouts with other creative seekers.