Playhouse Create Party

Playhouse Create Party is a free monthly gathering, open to all. We draw, write, dance and perform other creative practices around a theme or question.

The next one is April 27 at 4pm PST, and the theme is ADULTING. Why does everyone else except me have it figured out? We will draw and write and dance with this question and see what we learn. 

Themes of past workouts have been:

  • Troll Party
  • Fail Dance
  • I Am: claiming space and identity
  • Emo Workout
  • Create to Survive

Fill out the form below and I’ll send you a zoom link the day of the class.

Fantastic. I’m looking forward to some creative time with you!

Altar with a card upon which is written: "The things you have learned will guide you." - Moana's Grandma