Are you feeling creatively blocked?

Do you have a big project you never get around to starting?

Are you craving creative expression — on the page, in the world, on the canvas, on the stage?

I am Faith Helma, Creative Guide. I coach artists and big dreamers through the creative process, to help them do the things they really want to be doing. We all hit blocks, we all get stuck, we all get lost in the woods sometimes. I help you use your own intuition to find your way back to your creative self.

Look around, try out some creative exercises and magic spells. Check out my free video training, How to Undo a Creative Block.

If you’d like to get some serious support, I offer one-on-one coaching to guide you into a thriving creative practice (and life).

If you want a summer of fun, action and encouragement, check out my summer of creative magic program

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“Think Samuel Beckett meets Mr. Rogers meets Dear Sugar”

– Portland Mercury